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10 reasons why eating raw chocolate improves your health

Next time someone tells you chocolate is bad you’ll be able to give them ten reasons why Raw Chocolate is good for you

  1. Did you know that pure chocolate contains fabulous esoteric properties, for centuries it has been linked to having strong aphrodisiac effects, Casanova himself, replaced his paunch for champagne in place of chocolate. Chocolate is a fabulous source of arginine, an amino acid that is a natural Viagra.
  2. Chocolate is rich in the neurotransmitter phenylethylamine ( PEA) a mood enhancer, also known as the love chemical, that naturally elevates our state of mind.
  3. Raw chocolate also contains B vitamins that are important in fighting stress and depression.
  4. Raw Chocolate is one of the richest sources of antioxidant on the planet.
  5. Most people in the west are deficient in magnesium. Yet magnesium is needed to build and strengthen bones, keep blood circulation flowing smoothly, and relax nerves and muscles. Raw chocolate is thought to contain the highest concentration of magnesium than any other food source.
  6. The fats in raw chocolate are mostly good fats, this is something I can not stress to you enough, most of the fat in raw chocolate is oleic acid, which is (a monounsaturated fat, which is also found in olive oil) which is considered one of the good fats.
  7. Raw chocolate is more likely to assist in weight lose than weight gain, unlike commercial chocolate that uses milk fat and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, these are the type of oils that could typically be blamed for weight gain. Eating raw chocolate has been linked as an appetite suppressant as it contains a small amount of theobromine, which reduces your physical cravings for food, while the high levels of serotonin remove the need for emotional eating.
  8. Raw Chocolate can make you even more beautiful, it contains the mineral sulphur, which is needed to build strong nails and hair. It can also detoxify the liver and promotes healthy, glowing skin.
  9. It is a great provider of serotonin, which we all know as the feel good brain chemical, serotonin boosts our mood, what you may not know is that it also regulates our body temperature, appetite and metabolism. The raw chocolate retains the serotonin in the bloodstream for long. So you feel a natural high for longer.
  10. Finally, it tastes sensational and rather than having feelings of guilt when eating chocolate, it can now be replaced with feels of virtue, that you are being kind to your body. Feeding it all those amazing nutrients.
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