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Rawchi Traveller

If any of you know me you’ll know that I am an avid traveller, I can’t keep still long enough for the stamp to dry in my passport.

Like most of you my trips away are sometimes met with overindulgence of all things bad, an almond croissant here and there, a paella on the beach with a crisp glass of rose. Yet if I spend all my time indulging my whims I’ll slip back into my old ways and lose myself in a cheese fondue on the mountain sloshed down with a glass of red.

So each time I head abroad, I take my stash of Rawchi Lifestyle goodies. I’m never without my bee pollen, Vitality Blend, cacao nibs and chia and I sprinkle my goodness across the continents addressing the balance.

Look out for my Rawchi Traveller blogs giving tips of how to get you raw fix while you're away.

Los Angeles - the land of the Raw traveller

If money were no object and little things like green cards didn’t stand in my way I would almost certainly have a crash pad in LA. I spent a month there back in 2013 and came back feeling every bit a Venice beach babe.

LA is a mecca for anyone into clean living and raw food delights. My favourite restaurants are Café Gratitude, M.A.K.E and Planet Raw. Check out how awesome the dishes were in these 3 of the best.

From a mac and raw cheeseburger at Planet raw washed down with a durian and cacao shake through raw lasagne at M.A.K.E. to my yummy flax banana roll at Café Gratitude - being healthy just seems to be a bonus of living in LA. There are 4 convenience raw food aisles in the Wholefoods, with every flavour and variety of kale chip imaginable.

The beautiful vibe of LA is not just the food it’s the combination of mind, body and nutrition - nobody works on one without the other. Back home I push myself to the gym 4 days a week, squeezing it into my diary, avoiding dark and chilly early mornings and find reasons why I’m too busy to make the Saturday Body Pump class, yet in the sunshine state there is no reason to avoid anything. I’d be up at 5.45am and running the famous Santa Monica boardwalk by 6.10, followed by a calming hatha yoga and around 8 I’d head to Rawvolution for a carrot, ginger and kale juice and start my day proper.

For anyone who thinks our friends over the pond are all corn dogs and milk shakes think again - this is where raw food was born and it’s firmly here to stay.

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