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Finding my Balance

As many of you may know RawChi has taken a back seat 5 years ago, since I got married and began to grow my family. Bringing babies into the world hasn’t been easy and after much disappointment and heartache, I have been blessed with 2 adorable children, my boy Tate and girl, Paige both of whom have light up my world in a way I never thought possible!  

The journey from running RawChi to motherhood has been a rollercoaster. As many of you read this, you will appreciate the change a woman goes through when you are no longer no 1, 2 or even 3 in your own world, everyone else’s needs are fulfilled way before we ever consider our own and this is the norm for years until we even consider looking to readdress the balance. For the first 4 years, sleep is a thing of the past and hormones lead all decision making processes over logic while our body settles into motherhood. Most definitely for me the shift of focus was on my family and not on me and therefor as I began to excel in my world of motherhood, sadly there was not enough space in my world for RawChi or continuing my journey of assisting others in their health transformations.

Suffering from Hyperemisis Gravdium during my pregnancies saw me locked in my illness for the durations and having my daughter Paige when my eldest Tate was only 20 months has meant that both children have been at crucial ages in their little lives to need their mummy 100%.

Last year when Corona Virus entered our lives and many of you contacted me asking for my  immune boosting lifestyle blends and also help and advice during these uncertain scary times, I began to investigate what I could do to help and if could take RawChi by the reins again. However with my husband having key worker status and working up in the Lake District during the first lockdown, at a time when we where in the process of building our home, living on site and being locked down with a 1 and a 3 year old, it became apparent that a relaunch wasn’t on the cards. I found the time to make green smoothies with my superfood Vitality blend for the Doctors and Nurses on the Critical Care Covid Wards at Stepping Hill hospital and was pleased to be able to offer my helping hand to the NHS, show my love and support to our frontline heroes, yet with vital superfood ingredient not being able to get through to the UK during lockdown, the timing just wasn’t right for RawChi to reopen. 

A year on and spring is in the air and everyone I know feeling the excitement and joy of us coming out of a long winter in lockdown, Tate is in preschool for half the week and Paige trying her hand at 1 1/2 days, I am now coming up for air and like with all spring cleans, I’ve been looking at what could I do for me, to find the balance between being Mummy to Tate and Paige, wife to Ian but also resurrect my passion in RawChi and also add a few new ones into the mix. 

So I invite you all to take a peek at the new RawChi living with a new home decor range, body and scent range and not forgetting my nutritional lifestyle blends. Having spent a heap of time at home over the years, even before lockdown and building a home, I discovered a love of interior design, having studied a diploma back in 2017 to assist in building our home, I found that I am happiest surrounding my world with beautiful pieces that offer texture and depth to my home, while also appreciating the importance of home spa time for me, I love nothing better than taking a soak in my bath with my newly discovered and delicious Organic, Vegan range of Meraki products with my head in the latest Elle Decoration. For me it’s finding a balance in my busy life, to focus on nutrition, my surroundings and also time to pamper inside and out. This is what makes me feel whole and where the new direction of RawChi has naturally fallen. 

Thanks you all for your love and support and patients during my period of growth and motherhood. I look forward to sharing my journey and passions with you all. 

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